Monday, January 31, 2011

collecting dresses.

my mom and i both agree that they just don't make dresses like they used to. i don't know if it's the material, the cut, or the styles of dresses these days, but when i try on dresses [mostly from the late 1970s] they seriously fit like a glove and seem so much more flattering. it's a little strange but i swear it has happened multiple times so i'm starting to think it's not just a fluke. anyways, just been stocking up on some beautiful vintage dresses over here and trying to convince myself that i probably shouldn't keep them all for myself. :) hopefully you'll see some in my vintage shop soon.

**true story: aaron and i both collected postcards when we were little kids. i know what you're thinking....soulmates, right?! unfortunately my postcard-collecting days are over but i have a feeling these vintage dresses will be a nice replacement. :)


  1. I remember Aaron's postcard collection. He picked one up wherever he went. These dresses are so cute. I love the black one you posted but my problem is is no dress is ever long enough for me. I'll have to check the measurements.

  2. Somehow I missed that you were the creater of the vintage shop you had on your blog, but I think that is so cool. You are so talented in so many areas Whitney!