Sunday, February 20, 2011

[trying to be] an anti-ingrate.

so, i got a little down in church today. church seems an odd place to get "down," but, it happened. lucky for me though, it didn't last very long. and eventually i realized that sometimes i let myself focus too much on what i don't have [i.e., starts with "CHIL" ends with "DREN"] that i forget to be grateful and remember how blessed i really am! so, on this beautiful sunday evening, and in an effort to not be such an ingrate, i have compiled a little list of ten things i am especially grateful for.........

1. that my husband has been home for 3 weeks straight! [this is very rare]
2. for my [nine] little sunbeams that are the cutest things on the planet.
3. that we finished our taxes yesterday.....IN FEBRUARY!
4. the Mormon Tabernacle Choir station on pandora.
5. that my nails are painted red. ?
6. opportunities to change--to do and be better.
7. that prayers are always [eventually] answered.
8. pink lady apples.
9. a loving and always patient Heavenly Father.
10. that i can honestly say things like "i fell asleep in my husband's arms" because it happened this afternoon and it. was. awesome.

this might become a fun little sunday evening tradition that will hopefully keep me focused on all the things i'm especially grateful for--even if they are just red nails and yummy apples. :)