Friday, February 4, 2011

cutest pillow there ever was.

i have officially dedicated the month of February to giving our apartment a little makeover. and i think i'm off to a freakishly good start. i found this pillow last week at TJMaxx for only $12.99!!!! you guys shop in the home section of TJMaxx, right?? because they have some real gems back there, i swear. like i'm seriously obsessed with this pillow [i think it's the radial symmetry] and i can't believe it was so cheap! i'm a real tightwad when it comes to spending money on things other than clothes, makeup, and food [that's not selfish of me, is it???] but i've suddenly become very willing to spend money on home decor for some reason.

besides trying to be more willing to spend money on home decor [i really hate the word decor, by the way], my only challenge with this whole apartment makeover thing will be that i am expecting some serious resistance from my sweet little husband AARON. we don't always agree on what would look best in our apartment [other wives have that problem, right?], but.... i've realized that he only has an opinion when i involve him in the decision-making process! [he's the first to admit this so it's okay.] so the obvious solution is to just do it all behind his back and surprise him! crisis averted.

anyways, you probably won't hear any more about our apartment makeover again, but i just thought my new adorable pillow deserved a little shout out.... [love ya!] then again, i've contradicted myself on this blog before so whooooo knooooows! p.s. so happy it's friday!!!!!!!!