Thursday, February 24, 2011

eat your vegetables!

confession: i loooooove going to the grocery store. specifically the grocery stores that have lots of fresh, local produce. i don't know why, because i usually don't buy that much stuff, but i love looking at all the fun stuff there is to eat out there! like, love love LOVE. which usually wouldn't be a problem. except when your husband points out that you go to the grocery store almost every day.....secretly hinting that he'd rather not accompany you on your daily trips. it was all very diplomatic of him, and he was totally right!

the truth is......i've also gotten pretty lazy when it comes to planning our meals. which is a problem for 2 reasons: 1. i go to the grocery store every day [this "problem" is debatable], and 2. when i buy vegetables they go bad before i can even use them due to my lack of planning.

SO, wait for iiiiiiiit.......i decided to make a cute little notepad for my grocery lists so that i would be more motivated to plan our dinners, only go to the grocery store once [or twice] a week, and actually be able to eat the vegetables that i buy!!!!!! we'll see if it helps, but even if it doesn't, i had way too much fun designing/cutting/constructing this little notepad!

moral of the story: eat your vegetables!


  1. that grocery list is too cute!!


  2. Love the notepad. Funny, I HATE going to the grocery store. I dread every Monday when I have to do the deed. lol. When I make a weekly menu it helps a lot. It helps me actually cook (I don't like that either) AND helps to get the veggies eaten better. (we had the same problem...and still do though)

  3. i love going to the grocery store, too! i try not to go when i'm rushed because i like to have lots of time to look at everything. and i can't believe you made that notepad! it is too cute! did you go somewhere special to get it printed or can you do that yourself?

  4. I started planning meals too! But my goal was to only go to the grocery store once a month ha (except for the vegetables for Mike of course ;))! Its worked out pretty well so far. Have you been to Claro's the Italian store right by your house? My mom gets her pizza dough from there and my gramps always gets sausage there. You should check it out.

  5. thanks stephanie! and darci, i don't like cooking as much as i used to so hopefully this will help with that too! :)

    hey brit, i just printed out a PDF i designed on just normal paper and then cut them all to the same size and glued them like i learned in bookbinding. easy peasy!

    and jen, i HAVE gone to Claro's and i love it there! i got a block of parm-reggiano cheese and it is delicious. next time we make pizza i'll def get it from there.

  6. Soooo cute!

    I use this:

    So helpful during the week when I run out of something!

  7. merrick--i have GOT to get me one of those!

  8. Just this last week or two I have thrown away asparagus, celery, broccoli and a zucchini. You think you got issues? Yeah, you are not alone. And I will definitely see you Saturday. :)