Wednesday, February 16, 2011

february 14th.

since we had our valentine's day rendezvous in huntington beach we figured we would just take it easy on the real V-day and go to our favorite place.......our home away from home......wahoo's. we also had a free meal coupon [valid only feb12 thru feb14] so our cheap dinner became even cheaper. [and we even walked! saved a few pennies on gas. awesome.]

aaron was also a total sweetheart and surprised me with some cookies from a bakery we've been wanting to try. later aaron told me that he said these exact words to the lady behind the counter at the bakery: "some wives want flowers for valentine's day, but my wife wants cookies." he knows me so well it's a little scary sometimes.

so we enjoyed our cookies and watched The Bachelor and i thought to myself: "this must be what heaven is like." [JUST KIDDING!] anyways, hope everyone had a wonderful valentine's day! :)