Monday, February 28, 2011

if you don't blog it then it never happened?: the stache.

as you may have noticed, my husband aaron has been sporting some facial hair as of late. super cute and everything, but everyone likes a change every once in a while, you know? so this weekend aaron decided to make the change and shave off his facial hair in stages.

the obvious first stage was a goatee. i was a little nervous about this one, but [to my surprise] it actually didn't look that bad! the second stage was a mustache. are the pictures......
the story: i came home from church, grabbed an apple [my after-church tradition], and found aaron documenting his 'stache via photobooth--for posterity's sake, i'm sure. so i did what any other self-respecting wife would do.....put on a pretty face and jumped right in, apparently! funny how the role's have changed from the last time this happened, huh? :)

ANYWAYS, i think aaron liked his 1980s-detective look, but needless to say the 'stache didn't even last 12 hours and has been forever removed. it was short-lived but at least we know it happened because it has officially been blogged. the end.


  1. he does look like he's straight out of one of those old films... you guys totally have the "vintage" things going

  2. haha. ok both those comments are hilarious.

  3. I hate mustaches. I've seen Matt with one (waaay back before we were even dating). It was sick.

    But those pictures are pretty funny and it's good you documented it! How long did the goatee last?

    Annnd...did you kiss him with it? Just for the experience:)

  4. he shaved the goatee saturday morning and then shaved the stache on sunday morning. and yes, i did kiss him with his mustache. i think only once though and let's just say.....i hope it never happens again! :)