Thursday, February 10, 2011

pretty little boxes.

i can't remember exactly when it started, but for a long time i've had a strange affinity for pretty little boxes. i should use the word "obsession" but "affinity" sounds less harsh and i don't want you guys to think i'm some kind of crazy because i promise i'm not....i mean, can't a girl just love little boxes??? it's not like i keep a secret stash of little boxes in my top drawer or anything................... just kidding! i DO keep a secret stash of little boxes in my top drawer! but not because i'm hiding them--mostly because i didn't tell aaron about this "affinity" until after we got married so i'm just trying to be fair, you know? [not sure he would appreciate my little boxes adorning our apartment as much as i would....]

so N-E-WAYS.....i did a little thrifting last friday and you guys will never believe.....i found a little box!!!!!!! i mean i find little boxes all the time but i only keep the best of the best, you know, and this one is awwwwesoooooome! it was only $2.50 and i just figured it was all part of the home decor budget because this one i was keeping out in public FOR SURE. i have it on my desk and i keep pins and paperclips in it. so far there's just 1 paperclip but i don't even care--i just love my Genuine Alabaster Hand Carved Made in Italy little box!!!! and i just know you guys are sooooo jealous right now of my little box so if i ever find another pretty little box of this caliber, i will be sure to let you know. :)

oh yeah, and i took pretty pictures of it because love it that much and i'm just secretly really proud of my newest little box.