Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my new shoes via a tender mercy.

last week i truly truly experienced a tender mercy. call me inappropriate or borderline blasphemous, but finding the sold-out-everywhere pair of shoes in the photo above [aka my dream shoes] in the right size and at LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE [all this after they had shipped the wrong shoes to me just a few days previous] is 100% a tender mercy. it was a miracle of miracles and they were shipped to me for free right to my front door yesterday. they had a few scuffs and looked like they had obviously been worn and then returned, but the thrift shopper in me doesn't care at. all. and i'm seriously still beaming that i am the new owner of these beautiful shoes for only $26.09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [originally $68!!!!!]

anyways, I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THESE SHOES and i'd better stop now before this post gets any more ridiculous.

p.s. if you don't like the shoes then just pretend that you do and be happy for me, k? :)