Monday, February 14, 2011

V-day weekend in surf city USA

the only benefit of having a traveling husband and no kiddies yet is that you get to take overnight trips--and plan it only 1 day in advance. i think i'd rather have a non-traveling husband and/or some little kiddies instead, but oh well....i take what i can get :)

last week we talked about driving out to palm springs for a little valentines-day-weekend trip, but on thursday we changed our minds last minute and made reservations at a fancy waterfront beach hotel in huntington beach [aka surf city USA!]. and the crazy part was....aaron had enough reward points that we stayed there for free! paying for parking was the most expensive part of our trip! anyways, our room was A-W-E-S-O-M-E and being right across the street from the beach was sooooo fun. but i know you all would rather see pics than listen to me talk about it, so here you go......

whitney out on the balcony.
and yes, that IS the pacific ocean behind her!!!!
aaron just soaking in the view from our balcony
beach sunsets are the best (is this post cheesy yet??)
we went to main street for dinner & dessert.
suuuuch a beautiful night, especially because i spent it
with my cute little red-bearded valentine.....
mirrors in the elevator......both pics turned out pretty bad.
in the morning we woke up to this sky.....
[where do these colors come from?! i was really loving this]
we got up pretty early and took a walk down the pier.
aaron calls this next one his "money shot".....
[that big building on the left was our hotel. and all those black dots in the water are all the surfers. i think there was some surfing competition going on]

i took this next one. felt pretty artistic.
we originally planned to go to Ruby's on the pier for breakfast, but the hotel gave us vouchers for a free breakfast at the hotel restaurant, so we went there instead and it was seriously soooooo delicious. we didn't pay for it but if we had, it def would've been worth the money! mostly because they brought me these little tiny jars of honey. and if you think i love little boxes, then you can just imagine how i feel about little jars. [they were about 1.5-inches tall. i seriously died when they brought those out for me.]
i got the cinnamon roll french toast. i gobbled up the first 3 pretty quick, and thought i'd snap a pic before i polished off my 2000-calorie breakfast.
anyways, that's all. i've never wanted to not come home so badly. we were so sad to leave and now we're just thinking of more ways to use aaron's travel rewards and points. cruise anyone???

happy valentine's day!