Sunday, March 20, 2011

beauty over comfort? maybe next time.

top: thrifted // skirt: thrifted // shoes: Guess via tjmaxx

i took pictures today of what i wore and i won't say much about this outfit other than neither the top nor the skirt are very flattering but they sure as heck were comfortable! and i am definitely a "beauty over comfort" kind of girl, so i obviously didn't know they weren't that flattering until these pictures were taken. ha! awesome.

ANYWAYS.....weekend was great! a few highlights.....
  • aaron making his 10-minute layover in SLC on friday night!
  • finding my new favorite show--in the form of parks & rec season 2.
  • watching the BYU game yesterday with some homemade proscuitto & arugula pizza.
  • uhh...BYU WINNING!!!!
  • seeing jane eyre last night! mr. rochester in this version was perfecto.
  • one of the kids that i teach in church telling me about the leprechaun that left candy at his house on thursday. so cute.
  • accidently taking a nap this afternoon and waking up feeling like i had just been hit by a car. seriously. [this was not a highlight.]
  • recovering from my nap with some yummy raviolis for dinner.
  • only 7 more days until our trip to UTAH!!!!