Sunday, March 13, 2011

the crumb cake of all crumb cakes.

What do normal couples do on Saturday nights??? I always assume that it's a normal thing for a husband and wife to spend 30 minutes trying to decide what they will eat for dessert on any given night, but I'm starting to think that Aaron and I might be alone on this one....... but EITHER WAY--I have GOT to tell you about this dessert we had last night!!!

I mean, just look at those pictures and tell me that doesn't look outrageously delicious! Aaron says this crumb cake was made just for me, which is funny because it's so TRUE! I always said there should be a dessert that is JUST crumb topping, and this crumb cake came pretty close! We finished it off today with a big glass of milk and it was pretty incredible. But now I'm starting to think maybe we should not eat so many desserts, or at least I should stop blogging so much about all the yummy treats we eat??? But let's be honest--probably neither of those things will happen so maybe I'll have some more delicious things to show you next weekend. :)