Monday, March 7, 2011

pumpkin bread date night.

i secretly think that every night is date night at our house, but every once in a while we get crazy and go on a "real" we did on friday. we got super creative and decided to go get some dinner and see a movie! and not that we needed an excuse, but after we finished dinner we had a little extra time to kill so we decided to get a little dessert. it all seemed pretty standard, until.....i ended up having the best pumpkin bread i've ever tasted in my entire life!!! in march, nonetheless! [i thought they stopped making pumpkin stuff after Christmas?]

aaron got the chocolate cake and is just so stinking cute [and blurry].....
i always save the best part of my desserts for last. i mean seriously it was SO GOOD!
now i need to go convince aaron that monday night is "real" date night too so i can get some more of that pumpkin bread--STAT!