Thursday, March 24, 2011

sad and hilarious and kind of ridiculous.

tonight started out really sad [when byu lost in overtime to florida....] but turned out kind of hilarious when aaron took these pictures of my outfit after the game ended. it was our first time doing this in "public" and for our first try i think we did pretty good! and all the credit will go to aaron for that because it's obvious that i'm a pretty ridiculous model. and by ridiculous i mean.....i have no idea what i'm doing! and i'll probably never learn either, so here's to plenty more ridiculous/awkward/blooper-filled photoshoots!
p.s. would you have worn a belt with this outfit? i like my baggy shirts baggy but i think all the real fashion bloggers out there would have worn a belt. they also probably would've made sure their hair was a little bit more styled for the pictures, but least my nails were painted this time! [see previous post] :)