Tuesday, March 1, 2011


we went to our little niece's birthday party on saturday, and just as the party was getting underway i pulled out my camera to get some pics of these two cute little kiddies. i told them to "smile" and i didn't get what i was expecting, but trust me--i was more than pleased with the results. hailey gave me her "let's get this party over with--i just want the presents!" look, and logan just started blinking uncontrollably.....most likely preparing himself for the inevitable flash, i bet. [we have a little genius on our hands!]

anyways, i've never laughed so hard and i still crack up every time i look at these pictures. maybe you have to know these kids, but i just thought they were too hilarious NOT to post. and i think we could all learn a lesson on smiling from hailey and logan....