Wednesday, March 9, 2011

speaking of neutrals....

i honestly didn't think i would ever do this, but here i am--blogging about an outfit i wore! and before i go any further, i just have to say the following..... i am no expert on fashion and i realize that my outfits are nothing spectacular. BUT....i AM a girl and i DO love clothes. i've loved clothes my whole life [what girl doesn't?!] so i'm just assuming that that means i am now officially qualified to blog about what i wear every once in a while..........?

ANYWAYS, as you may have noticed, most of the clothes i'm wearing in that picture are thrifted. thrift shopping is a huge part of my life and well over half of my closet has been purchased at a thrift store. i loooooove finding clothes that are unique and require some creativity on my part. so most of the outfits you'll see in the future [if i decide to do more of these kinds of posts] will be vintage-modern-fusion outfits because that's just what i wear and that's what i like best!

so this is the outfit i wore on sunday. i don't know how to describe this outfit other than it is very "fusion" and very minimalist and very neutral. and yes i did button the top button! creativity at it's finest.