Monday, March 14, 2011

this is what happens when you live in california and you have nothing else to do on a sunday night....

last night was awesome for two reasons.....

first, because we went to The Wedge [my new favorite place] in newport beach right at sunset and had the most wonderfully romantic time enjoying the views, walking in the sand, and taking way too many pictures. [on the MARCH.......??? this will never get old....]

and second, because the volume/frizz in my hair is out of control in that first picture.....and not only do i not mind it, but i'm secretly pretty proud of it and amazed at what happens when you combine too much hairspray and a mid-afternoon nap. :) awesoooooome!


  1. stop. You are making me missing California so much and making me jealous:)

  2. i was just gonna leave an identical comment as darci's! so instead i'll say, congrats on the hair ;)