Wednesday, April 6, 2011

another new toy.

you will never believe the little treasure i received while we were up in utah last week! remember my new toy i told you about a couple weeks ago? well....i got another one!!! this camera was found in a "giveaway" box at my grandma's house so i snatched it up within .5 seconds and little mr. pentax and i have been joined at the hip ever since. unfortunately i took close to zero pictures of time spent with family, and it must have been because i was more interested in taking pictures of dishware and flowers.......? it's okay though--you would be too!

we went to lunch on friday at my all-time favorite restaurant pizzeria 712. sometimes i think the whole reason i wanted to go to utah in the first place was secretly just so i could eat here! i'm joking of course [not really though] but i was having the time of my life while waiting for my pizza :)
this yellow bush had caught my eye all week so one night my sisters and i took a walk to get some pics of it before the light was gone. and the street light in the background was a nice little prop, i have to say.
these photos were scanned and apparently the scanner needs a good cleaning. please ignore the dust spots! :)