Sunday, April 17, 2011

especially grateful [3rd edition]

i haven't done one of these lists in forever and i feel like i am way overdue! we're still waiting for when it's our turn, but i still have sooooo much to be grateful for.

today i am especially grateful for.....
1. the huge [fresh off the tree!] avocados my hair dresser gave me this week!
2. this beautiful post written by my aunt ella.
3. that my husband came home on thursday this week instead of friday!
4. PINTEREST! [anyone else on pinterest?? let's be pin pals!]
5. my new hair color. :)
6. the adorable boots i found at the thrift store this week.
7. all the fun trips we've taken recently to visit family.
8. catching up with friends this afternoon.
9. my new cameras! (fun and more fun!)
10. that my dad called me tonight to tell me that him and my mom were going to bed but that they would be calling me tomorrow. so cute. :)