Saturday, April 16, 2011

homeless chic.

this is what i wore last night out to dinner with my sweet husband at a crazy delicious mexican restaurant where i got a shrimp taco and practically ate my weight in chips and salsa (so yummy)! the thrift store is definitely dominating this outfit, and after seeing the pictures i asked myself a few questions....and also gave myself a few answers.... [who knew this was so educational?!]

1. why the heck am i wearing black and blue in the middle of springtime??
i've gotten into the habit of wearing dark colors all the time and apparently i need to do some spring shopping?!
2. why am i wearing black and blue together in the first place?
i actually don't think this "fashion faux pas" even exists anymore [or at least i hope it doesn't?], which is good because i wear black and blue or black and brown together all. the. time.
3. do dark colors work with dark hair?
my sister says they do but i'm still undecided. maybe it just depends....

anyways, the blue blazer is from my vintage shop, which is probably my favorite thing that i own. i had never worn it before though, so i just had to wear it once before i realized it's springtime and that i don't need to wear a coat in 70-degree weather! also, i found those cowboy boots [from circa 1983] this week at the thrift store and i L-O-V-E them. my husband told me one time my style was "homeless chic"--which is kinda funny because it's kinda true. and it's kind of comforting to know that if we ever go bankrupt at least i'll be stylish!.....?