Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my new friend cholula.

last night aaron and i took a little walk over to our favorite restaurant wahoo's. i've blogged about this place before and i will probably blog about it at least ten more times, only because we are obsessed with this place and we go there way too often. i didn't even like mexican food when we moved down here, but not only am i loving mexican food these days, but i am eating it with HOT SAUCE!!!! i've seriously lived my entire life hating spicy food, but the past few times we've been to wahoo's i have ordered the SPICY fish taco and poured hot sauce all over it--and i'm not even pregnant! [don't pregnant girls crave spicy stuff?] my life is so weird.

above is a picture of me with my new best friend cholula, and my husband who still manages to look cute with a mouth full of rice and beans. if we ever leave california i think the hardest thing will be that we won't have our wahoo's right around the corner anymore. such good memories here!