Thursday, April 21, 2011

an outfit & a short film.

i should have gotten more detail shots of this blouse but it is kind of the cutest thing i've ever seen. i found it last week and have been wanting to wear it ever since. it was one of those things that you try on and you honestly feel like it was made just for you. looooove!

i also wanted to share a little film that i made yesterday. for a long time i've been wanting to learn how to use/prepare dried beans. and for a long time i've also been wanting to learn how to use iMovie on my computer. so.....i made a video.....about beans--obviously! i crack up every time i watch it because it all seems so pointless but i had sooooo much fun making this silly video. my favorite part was syncing the music. it was very kandinsky of me [he believed that music and the visual arts are stronger and more effective when they are combined than when they stand alone] and i was loving it. the beans were later used in this yummy soup and i might have to make more of these little films. enjoy!