Monday, April 18, 2011

sunday comfy sunday.

the weather is SO BEAUTIFUL here! yesterday was picture perfect with sunshine and a cool breeze and i swear i could smell the ocean in the air. [we aren't even that close to the ocean...] church was wonderful yesterday and what i wore was soooo comfortable. i even thought my 4-inch heels were somehow comfortable, but maybe i was just excited to be wearing them again since i don't think i've worn them since 2008. or maybe it was the pockets in that skirt? don't you just love skirts with pockets??? EITHER WAY--this is what i wore yesterday.....right before i changed and spent the rest of my day in my pajamas....!

the skirt i am wearing is for sale in my etsy shop here, and i got the shoes from gabriel brothers--a place probably no one's ever heard of unless they live in ohio/pennsylvania, but it's like a tjmaxx and the locals call it "gabe's." their jewelry is cheap and it's always #1 priority when i go home to visit the ohio. :)

these last pictures are completely irrelevant to the post, but just goes to show....having a nearby window-mirror is pretty convenient during a mildly windy photoshoot, and.....i really do love my sunny california!!!!