Wednesday, May 25, 2011

befores and afters and my cute little proofs.

shame on me for being so lazy with my blogging lately! but to be honest, you weren't missing much because life has been pretty S-L-O-W lately..... which is always a good reason to change things up! on friday i did a little bedroom makeover while my husband was gone and i am still getting used to the new set-up. i thought aaron wouldn't like it at all, but mostly he was just impressed that i did it all myself. :) the wall above our bed is still completely barren [as are most of the walls in our apartment] but it has so much potential, so we'll see if i can ever get over my indecision and/or fear of being tacky and give this wall some love!
like i said, life has been really slow lately--at least for me. my husband was given some new responsibilities/opportunities at work so he's been a busy bee lately and has been working a ton. i'm so proud of him and am trying really hard not to be the desperate-wife-that-needs-lots-of-love-and-attention that i usually am. :)

yesterday i found out about a 4-session printmaking/letterpress workshop being held nearby, so i jumped at the opportunity and attended my first class last night! if i could do college all over again, i would have definitely gotten my BFA in printmaking instead of painting, so clearly i was suuuuuper excited. it was so fun to be in a class setting again and learning new things. we started our first project last night which is a stationary/card thing. normally i would've tortured myself with deciding exactly how i wanted my card to look in an effort to make the ultimate masterpiece, but i had to remind myself that for now i just need to learn the process and i can make my masterpiece later. so i chose a simple design for a birthday card and can't wait to print them next week! :) and i don't have a baby to hold and look at during a photo, so here i am proudly holding and admiring my cute little proofs!.....
aaron is working hard today so that we can have a date night tonight, since i leave tomorrow to spend the weekend in SAN FRANCISCO!!!! and i turn 25 in less than 2 weeks??? so bizarre.