Tuesday, May 10, 2011

especially grateful for.... [4th edition]

i am turning 25 years old in less than a month! and i have to be completely honest.....i'm feeling way behind schedule as far as where i thought i'd be at age 25. i assumed i would have one or two kids by now and doing my best as a young mother, but i've accepted the fact that life never turns out the way you plan it and that everything [eventually] works together for our good. and even though things in my life right now aren't exactly the way i had planned for them to be, i just have to remind myself that i still have so much to be grateful for! i usually make these lists on sundays, but this past sunday was a holiday so i'm doing it on a tuesday instead. hope you don't mind. :)

today i am especially grateful for....
1. my beautiful mother. <3
2. my mother-in-law who is in town and who let us take her out last night to show her how much we love and appreciate her.
3. the outfit i wore this weekend that matched perfectly with the little flowerbed right outside our front door. i didn't do it on purpose and i was really loving it for some reason. what are the chances??? [see photo above].
4. my sweet husband Aaron who let me choose where to go for dinner & dessert on our "mother's day date" on saturday night [i chose bbq and cookies. my 2 faves].
5. my golden chair that i get to read in every day.
6. the plane tickets i purchased last week for a little trip i'm taking to San Fran in a couple weeks to see my sister & best friends. YAY!
7. finding/applying to my dream job last week. i most likely won't get it, but at least i know it's out there!
8. the photo album of my husband's childhood we rediscovered last night that we ooo'd and ahh'd over for a good 45 minutes.
9. the potion/concoction i put on my face every morning and night made up of water and apple cider vinegar. i swear it helps!
10. the fact that my husband will be home [not traveling for work] for 2 months straight--which has not happened for almost 2 years!