Tuesday, May 31, 2011

one lucky girl in san francisco.

this past weekend i went to san francisco to visit my BFF and old college roommate krystle cherie lowen. sometimes i forget how blessed i am to have such wonderful family and friends, but then i have weekends like this to remind me that i am one lucky girl. thanks krystle for being such a wonderful friend, for letting me come visit and showing me around san fran, for helping me on all the trains and buses, and for introducing me to trader joe's wheat bread! seriously, you are the best.

some highlights of my trip:
  • spending friday morning at the oakland temple.
  • waiting in line at mama's for 2 hours on saturday and finally sitting down at 1PM to eat some crazy delicious french toast.
  • thrifting all afternoon on saturday and finding myself an adorable minty green blouse and mustard yellow skirt [see photo above].
  • visiting the hulme's and seeing their brand new darling little baby. sooo cute!
  • watching a re-run of last week's bachelorette episode on saturday night. no shame.
  • remembering to take all my vitamins! [i always forget when i'm on vacation]
  • coming home to a spotless clean apartment and lots of hugs and kisses--courtesy of my sweet husband aaron johnson. i really am one lucky girl. <3