Sunday, May 1, 2011

sunday dress.

for the most part i really love taking trips but my entire life i have always been a major homebody. i get homesick really quick and i love being in my normal routines and in a familiar space. BUT.....i have to say, palm springs was such a fun break! i have a tiny little tan and a few thrift store goodies to prove it. :) we got back friday, just in time to celebrate my husband's birthday (!!!!!) and enjoy our beautiful weekend together before real life starts again tomorrow.

church today was wonderful and for some reason i was just so happy to see my little sunbeams [the 3-4 year old children that my husband and i teach every week at church]. we've been gone a lot over the past month or two and so we've had to get subs a few times, but i'm happy we'll be back with them for a while. they were actually pretty rowdy today but i'm starting to not care as much because after all--they are only 3 years old!

i have some pictures to share from our palm springs trip but i figured i would just blog about them later this week. above are some photos of one of the dresses i found while thrifting in palm springs that i wore to church today. it's actually a size or two too big but it's nothing my broad shoulders and a big belt couldn't handle! :) it was crazy comfortable and very springy so i was loving it. the dress, belt, and purse are all thrifted and my lucky shoes are from urban outfitters. happy sunday! :)