Sunday, June 5, 2011

birthday cards // especially grateful for [5th ed.]

remember these proofs i showed you last week? i got to print them in my letterpress class this week and it was so. much. fun. i was a little nervous before class just because i always get nervous before i do things i've never done before, but of course i loved it and am just excited to do some more printing again soon! i thought they turned out pretty well and they're getting me all the more excited for my upcoming birthday. :) i only have 2 more class sessions left so i'm just trying to soak it all in so that maybe i can do some projects on my own in the future. we use a vandercook press which is the same as what is being used in this adorable video via this adorable blog [watch it!].

this week has been absolutely wonderful and recently my heart has been so full of gratitude for the people in my life that have been so encouraging and supportive. i honestly don't even know how i got so lucky, but i just feel so blessed and felt the need to make an especially grateful for list today--which i love to do because they never fail to remind me of all the simple things that make life so beautiful. sorry to get all serious on you but i can't help it--i'm totally feeling this one today! :)

today i am especially grateful for....
1. learning new things.
2. my sisters and sisters-in-law.
3. oatmeal with peaches.
4. setting goals and working towards them.
5. staying in bed way too long on a saturday morning. just because.
6. carrots [my new favorite snack].
7. recognizing mistakes and moving forward.
8. prayer.
9. making summer plans.
10. spending all day with this handsome devil.....
p.s. you can see all my other especially grateful for lists here.