Wednesday, June 29, 2011

if only every outfit could be this easy.

these are the other photos that i mentioned in this post. i'm still trying to figure out why we decided to do a little photoshoot in the first place....or at least come up with a few non-vain reasons to justify it.....but i got nothin'! except that staci's blonde wavy hair was too glorious not to take photos of, and that at least now we have some good evidence that even though we're sisters we look absolutely nothing alike! [see photo above]

anyways, i don't know if i've ever told anyone this, but i am the worst at "layering" clothes. so when i find a simple dress like the one i'm wearing in these photos that doesn't require much effort on my part, it's seriously like a dream come true. usually on sundays i try on several different outfits [much to my husband's chagrin] before i decide on "the one"....but this time it took me about .2 seconds to get dressed and i'm pretty positive that this dress is the most comfortable thing i own. if only every outfit could be this easy.
i took these adorable photos of Staci, who is also channeling her non-layering-inner-self.