Friday, June 17, 2011

the long beach.

payson and whitney, 16 june 2011, shoreline village @ long beach ca

wow this week has flown by! i can't believe it's already friday! it has been so fun having my brother's family out here the past few days and last night was so perfect. we drove up/out to long beach and i was sooooo impressed with that place. i had never been there before and it might have to be, dare-i-say, my new favorite beach! it was absolutely adorable, not crowded at all, and was so full of character. my phone was almost out of battery but thank heavens it stayed on long enough to get the following photos....
dear long beach,
i miss you already.
love, whitney


  1. such beautiful boat shots..i love their silhouettes.

  2. great shots lady! i'm wishing for a warm beach right about now.

  3. beautiful! i love long beach. i was there last month and was surprised how much improvement they've done to that area!
    hope you're having a good weekend :)

  4. These are such pretty pictures! The colors are just gorgeous and so serene! Hope you had a great weekend!
    Star Hughes Living

  5. Hi Whitney! Thank you for your sweet comment. Long Beach is Tommy's hometown. Next time visit my hometown, SEAL BEACH!!! It's a small town feel in the middle of southern CA. Have breakfast at The Crema Cafe. I worked there and I never got sick of their food! Yes that's how yummy it is! xo Claudia