Monday, June 13, 2011

we have visitors!

since we live so far from my parents [in ohio] and every single one of my brothers and sisters [washington, arizona, texas, utah, virginia...], when we DO happen to have a "Lewis" visitor here in sunny southern california, it's kind of a big deal! my brother patrick, his wife erica, and their two adorable little boys are out visiting from arizona this week and we are soooo so happy to see them. [patrick is actually here for work but who cares! it's a reunion! :)]

above are some photos i took last night on our walk down to Old Town Tustin. it was a beautiful, breezy sunday evening and to think i almost didn't bring my camera! kenny is the adorable little baby with the huge smile, and payson is the oldest of the family [age 3]. i love that first photo of payson, but if you really want to get a taste of his personality you'll have to refer to the photo below....
haha! this kid cracks me up. i love my family. <3