Saturday, July 23, 2011

4 years and a cookie later.

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this week was the 4-year anniversary of our very first date. i still remember exactly what i was wearing, how cute he looked when he came to pick me up, how nervous and excited i was that he finally asked me out on a date, how silly i felt trying to eat a messy pizza in front of him, and how much i hoped that there would be another date after this one, and another, and another. all my wishes came true, and i'm convinced that there was never a more perfect first date. i feel so lucky to have a husband that loves me so much--even when i eat cookies the size of my face. that's love.

i love remembering special dates/anniversaries, and this one will always be one of my favorites. the memories are just too good. our first kiss anniversary is another favorite....coming up in a couple weeks. :)

**peanut butter cookie courtesy of whole foods market.