Monday, July 25, 2011

especially grateful for [6th ed.]

having to wait for what we want most in life seems pretty awful at times, but thank goodness for beautiful sunny sundays that get us out of our ruts and remind us that maybe life isn't so bad. i started making these lists back in february, and today i am especially grateful for....

1. the new vintage shoes i found last week that fit perfectly.
2. listening to this on tuesday morning.
3. meeting our friends' brand new beautiful baby girl on saturday.
4. eating some really yummy cookies this past weekend. :)
5. a beautiful sunday walk we took last night.
6. my new love for plumagranates.
7. reminiscing about my first date with my husband. <3
8. our walk to get ice cream for no good reason at all on thursday night.
9. learning so much from reading these books.
10. having my husband home for one more week before he has to leave again.

now back to more waiting....
happy monday!


  1. Ah, what a delighful list!
    Am sharing your love for vintage shoes, books, and eating icecream just because I can. And I loved the bit about your first date with husband. Romantic;-)

  2. Ice cream and good books always top my list of good things!

  3. ... i'm not caught up on why the husband is leaving again, but i hope for your sake it's not for very long. married distance is no bueno in my book.

    and i love backlit pictures. this one (and your cute profile one) are so pretty.

  4. thanks carla! and my husband travels a lot for work so he'll just be gone for 1 week. but you're right--distance is no bueno! :)

  5. it always helps to look on the brighter side of life when i make happiness lists. ps: love your blog updates :)

  6. whitney! Thanks for finding my blog! I love your blog. You and your husband are so beautiful.

  7. Totally agree, the sun makes things feel so much better! LOVE the vintage shoes, they just don't make them like they used to!

    Girl about Town XxX

  8. Ahh those sounds so lovely! I love having vintage shoes fitting on perfectly, it almost feel better than buying a new one haha!
    Lovely blog, it's filled with so many pretty things :)

  9. that's a pretty happy list! i know what it's like to have to wait for what you want most in life - not fun at all. but it certainly does help to recognize the little things that make you grateful.

  10. Whitney, how do you know MJ?? She's my good friend from high school!
    Aaaand I love your list :)

  11. I love these lists! They really help put things in perspective for me too! I need to start making these lists more often :)