Monday, July 18, 2011

what happens when my cuddlebug is gone.

what a day! we got back last night from our trip to utah, so today was mostly spent just trying to re-adjust back to normal life. the day after a vacation is always a little overwhelming and my current to-do list is longer than it's been in a while, but i'm kind of loving it and really looking forward to getting it all done.

it is so good to be home, except that my cuddlebug [aka my husband] had to leave again today for an overnight business trip. he travels a lot for work but it never gets easier to say goodbye and i'm missing him like crazy. good thing he gets back tomorrow [usually he's gone much longer than just one night] so i can show him all the goodies i found at the thrift store while he was gone, and so i can tell him about the random dinner i made for myself tonight. it was the kind of dinner that i can only get away with making when he's not home and/or when i'm the only one eating is definitely not the weirdest things i've ever eaten, and at least i got my veggies in?? i love trying new things so if you have any other weird/creative food combo's i'd love to hear about them! :)