Wednesday, July 27, 2011

grilled pizza.

most of my day today was spent in the kitchen and i loved every second of it--putting away all the fruits and vegetables i got at the farmers market this morning, cooking up some beets, baking banana bread, and making whole wheat pizza dough for our dinner tonight. i felt like a mom taking care of a little family and it all seemed so familiar for some reason. the pizza dough turned out fantastic [i used this recipe but used only whole wheat flour] and after tonight i feel like i never want to cook pizzas in the oven again--grilling them was so much more fun and i swear they tasted better. :)

we cooked the crust on one side for a couple minutes, then flipped them over and piled on all the toppings [olive oil, mozzarella cheese, grilled onions and zucchinis*, niman ranch canadian bacon, and some parmigiano-reggiano cheese] and grilled them again for another few minutes/until the cheese melted. it was all so summery and so delicious, and made for such an enjoyable summer evening. especially since we did it all barefoot. pretty impressive. <3

*we used fresh zucchinis from the farmers market which came with the blossoms still attached, so we [mostly just me] added the blossoms to the pizza after it finished grilling and it was seriously sooo good. wish i had taken a picture....