Sunday, July 3, 2011

burger love and family gatherings.

usually on sundays my husband and i get a bad case of what we call "The Sunday Night Blues"--which is basically just an overwhelming sadness that the weekend is already over and that real life starts again in the morning. but.....since tomorrow is a holiday.....we have successfully avoided that awful, awful feeling [hallelujah] and are looking forward to having another day added on to our already-wonderful weekend.

on friday we tried a d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s new restaurant. sorry to all my vegan/vegetarian/non-beef-eating-friends, but this burger was darn good and i can't wait to go back there again. we also got a huge plate of fries which definitely did not go to waste. so yummy. a few photos.....
today [sunday] we got together with family after the newest member of the Johnson family [my nephew] was given a name and a blessing in church. he is such an angel. a couple photos of the Man Of The Hour.....
we all enjoyed lunch together [food-prep photo below] and i might have gotten a little carried away with taking too many photos of his big sister. she is so cute. i think it's the pigtails.
hope everyone else is having a wonderful weekend!
* happy independence day!