Sunday, July 10, 2011

the virgin river and settebello's.

my husband and i left on friday afternoon to make the trek up to utah for the johnson family reunion in park city. we decided to split the drive up into 2 days and somehow aaron convinced me that we should stay the night at the virgin river hotel and casino in mesquite, nevada--the same place that my husband's family always stayed when he was a kid on their drives to/from utah. i'll be honest--i was a little terrified/resistant to stay at the virgin river, but it only cost us 43 dollars and it was surprisingly very clean and family-oriented....except for all the slot machines i guess..... now i'm tempted to make the virgin river our own little tradition because the whole place was pretty hilarious and did i mention it was only 43 bucks??
before we stopped for the night though, we took a little detour on our way through las vegas to eat at one of our favorite restaurants settebello's. this place will always hold a special place near and dear to my heart, first of all because it reminds me of the kind of pizza i ate when i was in italy 4 years ago, and secondly because it was where aaron took me on our very first date! [also 4 years ago...except we went to the one in salt lake city.] my husband's cousin-in-law also owns the place so we like to show our support as much as we can. :)
we are now safely in park city and have the rest of the week to enjoy the beautiful mountains and the crisp air. yay for family reunions!