Tuesday, August 16, 2011

especially grateful for [7th ed.]

this week i listened to this, and felt the need now more than ever to remember to be grateful, not complain, and try my best to keep an eternal perspective. harder said than done of course, but somehow making these lists of the simple things that i'm grateful for always seems to help. it's actually kind of sad to think of all the small blessings i've received that i've since forgotten, and i'm starting to think that maybe i should be making these lists every day??

today i am especially grateful for....

a. my new sunday shoes.
b. golden beets. such a pretty vegetable.
c. my new all-over darker hair [that unfortunately seems to be getting lighter and lighter by the minute!]
d. monday night date night with my husband.
e. the typewriter i found last week....that actually works!
f. my new stacking rings.
g. pretty sunsets.
h. finding one of the books i had re-binded over 2 years ago....perfect timing since all my sketchbooks, journals, and schedule books are running out of pages! [need to make some more of these!]

blessings! everywhere! <3
[you can see the rest of my lists here.]