Sunday, August 28, 2011

especially grateful for. [8th ed.]

this week has been one of those weeks that i've definitely had to remind myself several times to "be grateful, be grateful, be grateful!" i'll admit it's actually been pretty difficult, but as per usual i am feeling more blessed than ever after making one of these lists and have really loved looking back on this past week and recognizing all the good in my life.

today i am especially grateful for....
1. having blueberry pancakes with maple syrup today for the 4th time this week and loving every. last. bite.
2. finishing/surviving our 5 mile hike yesterday on [what seemed like] the hottest day of the year in record time. #overachievers #neardeathexperience!
3. moving the mattress out to the living room and having a slumber party all weekend long.
4. temples.
5. the journal i'm making out of an old book i found.
6. spending time with aaron's family tonight.
7. finally being able to drink whole milk without gagging [been trying to switch from skim to whole milk for the last couple weeks and i think i'm finally there!]
8. that it's already time to start making holiday plans!!?
9. my lavendar nail polish.
10. spending sundays with my favorite person in the whole entire world [aka my husband].

**my two adorable friends diana and merrick started making their own "grateful for" lists last week, and reading their lists about the things they were grateful for seriously made my day. i admire both of those girls so much! if anyone else makes a list let me know because i'd love to read it! :)