Wednesday, August 3, 2011


ONE. first of all! thank you so much to those who left comments with more ideas on how to eat avocados! i'll be picking up some more avocados at the farmers market this morning and am really excited to try your suggestions. :)

TWO. the outfit that i wore to church on sunday [pictured above] was 100% thrifted! i thrift a ton and have a lot of secondhand clothing, but it's still kind of rare when i wear a purely thrifted when i do, i get all proud of myself and remember how much i'd rather shop at a thrift store than a "real" store any day.

THREE. on monday night i developed a very unfortunate sore throat. i think it's because i miss my husband so much [he is traveling for work this week], so hopefully i start feeling better by the time he gets home on friday so we can enjoy our weekend celebrating our first kiss anniversary [which is actually today, august 3rd]! <3

FOUR. and last, but certainly not least....BIG thank you to miss ashley [from that is all.] for her sweet shout out today! she is such a doll and i think it's safe to say that i am officially obsessed with her vlogs! :)