Wednesday, September 21, 2011

buckwheat banana pancakes.

my husband is out of town this week for work, and usually when he's gone my dinners consist of a big huge plate of all the vegetables he doesn't like [that i don't cook when he's home]. but tonight i decided to treat myself to some pancakes for dinner, because let's be honest....breakfast for dinner is just the most wonderful thing. plus i've worn the same shirt two days in a row now and have been feeling entirely overwhelmed all week. so pancakes it is!

i used a little buckwheat flour with my wheat flour [i could have used all buckwheat flour, but it turns the pancakes grayish, and for some reason i have a hard time eating gray pancakes....?], added some banana slices right after pouring the batter, and topped it with some grade A maple syrup. it was delicious. now if only it could be friday already! <3

*moral of the story: breakfast for dinner will [temporarily] solve all your problems. :)