Thursday, September 15, 2011

especially grateful for. [9th ed.]

it's been a busy busy week, so i felt the need to take a little break and make a list of all the simple things that i am especially grateful for.....

1. my husband changing his flight yesterday to come home 4 hours earlier!
2. celebrating my husband's early return with the most delicious thai dinner. [his and hers]
3. kale salads. [which apparently also make a pretty good bouquet?] :)
4. my new makeup from Ulta and my new art supplies from ASW!
5. the much needed thunderstorm/hailstorm we had over the weekend that cooled things off around here.
6. feeling sore from the good workouts i've had this week.
7. my trip to the thrift store on monday even though all i came home with was a white tshirt.
8. this movie that's coming out next week. can't wait to see it!
9. the camera on my phone. so convenient.
10. learning new things and setting goals.

*you can read my other lists here. <3