Thursday, September 8, 2011

mac & cheese.

i made homemade macaroni & cheese with oven-roasted brussels sprouts for dinner tonight, and if you've never had homemade mac & cheese you are definitely missing out! i made mine with brown rice noodles*, milk, butter, raw milk white cheddar and gruyere cheeses, and parmigiano-reggiano cheese. pretty darn delicious, i have to say.

it's been so hot here the past few days, but roasted vegetables [especially brussels sprouts] always remind me of fall for some reason. and sometimes my husband and i don't always agree on vegetables, but brussels sprouts is definitely one we both love, surprisingly! we like ours cooked in a little olive oil with plenty of sea salt and pepper. <3

*i don't know if brown rice noodles are really any healthier, we just like the texture better :)