Monday, September 5, 2011

sunday love.

usually on sunday nights we get a bad case of the "sunday night blues," but luckily our blues were cured yesterday knowing that today was a holiday and that our weekend was not over quite yet. every little thing just seemed that much better and i was really feeling the sunday love. some highlights....

ONE. slumber party in the living room for the 2nd weekend in a row.
[secretly just so we can take advantage of the only A/C unit in our apartment]

TWO. after trying on practically my entire closet to find an outfit to wear to church, i finally settled on wearing this patterned dress underneath a black top that was somehow just short enough to fit inside the belt of the dress. i felt so tricky that i had to double check with my husband to make sure it all looked normal. thank goodness he said yes because by then i was already pretty attached to that geometric pattern and probably wouldn't have changed anyway. :)

THREE. grilled cheese sandwiches after church.

FOUR. spending time with my husband's family last night
and realizing that we need an air popcorn popper stat.

FIVE. writing in my new journal for the third time this week.

**hope everyone is enjoying their labor day! <3