Thursday, October 6, 2011

confessions of a honeyholic.

last week the stork dropped off a 4-gallon bucket o' honey on our front doorstep, and having this new addition to our family is seriously the most exciting thing that has happened to us all year! since this was the only honey my parents ever bought for our family, i was raised on this yummy stuff and i honestly don't think i had ever even tasted any other kind of honey until i was 18 years old and left for college! [dead serious!] so imagine my surprise when i learned that some people don't even like honey??? or that it takes months for some families to get through just a little bear?! [if i just described you or your family, i'll still be your friend, don't worry :)]

i loved that in our house growing up, whenever someone came to visit my family they would always get the same spiel [usually from my dad] about how wyoming alfalfa honey is the best honey there ever was. and of course it didn't take long at all for my husband to become a honey connoisseur just like the rest of us. :) he's even more picky about his honeys than me these days, so thank goodness we saved up enough pennies to finally get some real honey! my parents would be so proud--the tradition lives on.

and the best part of all this is that after 10 jars [the half-empty 10th jar not shown in the photos], we've barely made a dent in our 4-gallon/48-pound bucket of ours. honey4life <3