Sunday, October 9, 2011

especially grateful for [10th ed.]

i have to be honest, when i did my very first edition of "Especially Grateful For" i didn't expect it to turn into TEN editions, but i just have too much fun putting together these lists that i'm sure there will be plenty more. especially since it's almost thanksgiving [7 weeks away is still considered "almost", right?], which means it is almost Christmas, which means my feelings of gratitude will at least double. just feeling so blessed these days!

today i am especially grateful for....
1. video chatting with my sister(s) this week [mostly b/c we just laugh the whole time].
2. my husband warming my feet up at night. <3
3. being there to see our friends give their new baby girl a blessing in church today.
4. vacuuming!
5. having time to do some yoga this week.
6. my jars of honey, of course! :)
7. my new dry shampoo, recommended to me by my sister.
8. being so close to buying our plane tickets to go home for Christmas!
9. homemade soup and grilled cheese for dinner on a rainy day this past week.
10. eating dinner & people watching outside on a beautiful saturday night with my dearest husband. [see photo]

life is just so much easier when i remember to be grateful. :)