Wednesday, October 19, 2011

great park balloon & a winner!

i have been wanting to go to Great Park in irvine [california] to ride the great park balloon for forever, and we finally did it this past saturday! it was soooooo much fun, and how adorable is the jack-o-lantern face they put on the balloon for october?! i was so fascinated with this adorable little park, and couldn't believe that we have lived here two years and this was my first time going. i loved it so so much, especially since it seems to be the only place in orange county that doesn't get crowded on a saturday afternoon, and it was FREE! seriously, it was so wonderful.

the balloon ride was so awesome, and it could not have been a more perfectly sunny, breezy, and clear day. shame on me for not taking more photos of the views from the top, but it was beautiful. i seriously cannot say enough good things about this place! can't wait to go back. <3

P.S. congratulations to Amanda from The Modern Marigold for winning The Great Honey Giveaway!! and a big thank you to everyone that entered! honestly, i wish i could send all of you a jar of honey so you could all try it, but if you're still curious about it you can definitely order some from their website. thanks again! :)