Tuesday, November 29, 2011

california love.

i have so much california love right now i can't even handle it! on our way home from arizona we passed through the Palm Springs Wind Farm, which is hands down one of my all-time most favorite places. it is rows and rows [and rows] of beautiful windmills, and every time we pass through [mostly just on our trips to/from arizona] i seriously act like a little kid on Christmas morning. it's kind of silly, but i love it so so much.

on the same day that we drove home from arizona, we got back in our little car again and drove up the california coast to San Luis Obispo! my husband had to come here for work, and when he asked me to accompany him--knowing we wouldn't have to buy any plane tickets--i wholeheartedly obliged. it is my first time in the central coast area, and to say "i love this place" would be the understatement of the year. honestly, we are already trying to figure out how we can move here and spend the rest of our lives here. i wish i was joking!

i must just be on a california-high right now [this place will do that to you, i swear!]....especially after seeing this sunset on our drive up, and after our visit last night to the nearby Pismo Beach. we took a picture there too. so much love. <3