Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas will have to wait.

it looks like Christmas decorating and festivities will have to wait for us just a few more days while we are off going to bays and beaches and eating clam chowder and stuff. (!!!)

yesterday aaron got done with work early so we drove a few miles out to Morro Bay. even the drive there and back was so so pretty. green fields and rolling hills. everywhere! it's just too bad that photos are so sub-par compared to the real thing. it is seriously so beautiful up here.

last night we got dinner at a local spot called Splash Cafe, after hearing about their famous clam chowder and bread bowls. it was a fun place, but we both had a hard time getting through our clam chowder. all i will say is that it reminded me of mayonnaise....which could never be a good thing. but, you know what they say....when in rome!.....?

after dinner we somehow ended up in a candy shop at the san luis obispo promenade. my husband was the kid in that candy shop last night, and even came home with a few goodies.

all in a day's work.