Monday, November 7, 2011

especially grateful for [husband & wife ed.]

last night my husband and i wrote an "Especially Grateful For" list....together! we had such a wonderful weekend, and Aaron's willingness to write this list with me was just icing on the cake! this is the first time we have made one of these lists together, but hopefully not the last. <3

today WE are especially grateful for.....
1. singing this song in church yesterday.
2. Aaron being home all last week [he's been traveling a lot for work lately.]
3. going to the temple with friends on friday and enjoying a delicious dinner after.
4. "all the great meals my wife made me this week." **
5. our lazy saturday morning--sleeping in, cuddling, and reading together in bed.
6. the vitamix.
7. our ice cream run on saturday night to get some baskin-robbins pralines & cream [our favorite].
8. the rain we've been having lately. finally feels like fall!
9. long walks and good conversation on a chilly sunday evening.
10. and most importantly....each other!!

**exact quote by my husband! we are trying to eat more dinners at home [for both the health and financial benefits] and i am proud to say that we have only gone out to eat twice in the past 2 weeks. baby steps. :)