Thursday, November 3, 2011

why i loved halloween this year.

halloween is a memorable day for us because it was the day we moved to california in 2009, and now it's an even more memorable day because this year it was the day we finally got ourselves a vitamix! [aka super high-powered blender]

we've been wanting one for kind of a long time and have used it at least twice a day since we got it, so i think we will be getting our money's worth. :) my husband has been using it to make smoothies, but i'm not a huge smoothie fan for some reason so today i made some fresh pesto and raw almond butter!! the pesto turned out a little smoother than i prefer, and the almond butter was maybe a little too thick [apparently i need some more practice on the vitamix...] but either way!--they both taste delicious and a spoonful of almond butter mixed with wyoming honey is officially my new favorite dessert.

any other fun vitamix or blender recipes are certainly welcome! including smoothie recipes--i might just become a smoothie lover yet! :)